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Q4 2017 Benchmark Report

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In our latest benchmark report, we show that advertisers are investing heavily in Google Shopping ads, which increased 31% in click share from Q3 2017 to Q4 2017. Our data reveals that audience utilization remains low at 24%, despite the clear benefits of combining audiences with keyword targeting. Also, social CPMs increased 44% YoY, indicating that competition for consumer attention is heating up among advertisers.

In addition to global trends, we explore the most compelling areas of digital marketing today, and identify tactical opportunities to help you drive better performance. Download our Q4 2017 Digital Benchmark Report to learn:

  • Quarterly and YoY impressions, clicks, spend, and conversion trends by channel
  • Current CPC trends across 10 industries, including auto, retail, and healthcare
  • The state of digital advertising on social channels

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